Going NOOD?

It’s not that ruff, it only takes 10 days.

Some of the best habits are the hardest to start. If your pets are anything like us, they’ll hoon back anything edible (and perhaps a few things that aren’t). But as we’ve come to realise, we’re a unique breed. That’s why we’ve put together a step by step guide to going NOOD. 

To ensure your pet doesn’t get their tummy in a twist, we recommend taking ten days to transition:

Days 1-3:

25% NOOD, 75% Old Brand.

Days 4-6:

50% NOOD, 50% Old Brand.

Days 7-9:

75% NOOD, 25% Old Brand.

Day 10:

100% NOOD.

P.S. NOOD formulas are designed specifically to offer ample protein and micronutrients for all life stages. None of this transitioning between age ranges. 10 days, and you’re NOOD for life. Wow. Too easy.

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