We promise to source only the best ingredients, from trusted suppliers.


At NOOD, our utmost priority and focus is on producing a range of recipes that are healthy and safe for both your pets and ours. That’s why all our recipes go through rigorous testing and food safety protocol to ensure we deliver on that promise.

Quality starts with the formulation, which is why we source the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers and have a team of vets and nutritionists that craft all our recipes. Our team of experts have over 50 years of experience and help ensure our recipes are complete and balanced for all pets.

We then run feeding trials on our recipes, with dozens of pets of all ages, sizes and breeds. All our feeding trials are run in at home environments (not kennels), which ensures the feeding experience is as realistic as possible.

We also run third party digestibility studies into our recipes, which highlight exactly how much of each nutrient is absorbed. We have found that our recipes have a total digestibility of 86.6%, which can be attributed to our inclusion of guaranteed probiotics. For context, many poor-quality foods have a digestibility of lower than 75%, reasonable foods tend to sit between 75%-82%, while exceptional foods are commonly higher than 82%. 

read our digestability study

In addition to the rigorous testing that goes on prior to us releasing a recipe, we have very strict food safety protocol during every production run. Every ingredient is tested for contaminants when it arrives at our facility and each step of our production process is coordained off to avoid cross contamination. During production, we test every 15 minutes for density, nutrient profile and contaminants among other things. Upon completion of production, we hold product for 48 hours while we re-test, only releasing the product if it passes all the steps. Here is a sample of some of the tests run in our facility;

—  215 Mycotoxin Tests per Week
—  260 Microbiological Tests per Week
—  36 Oxidative Stability Tests on Fats & Oils per Month
—  1,200 Ingredient Nutritional Tests per Month
—  9,000 Finished Product Nutritional Tests per Month
—  18+ hours of Employee Safety Training per employee per Year
—  120 Safety Assessments per Year

We have been blown away by all the positive feedback we have received so far, especially the number of pet owners who have experienced incredible changes in their pets since switching to NOOD.

We would love for you to join the NOOD family and become part of our mission to create premium pet food that doesn’t cost the world. 

– The NOOD Team

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