Honestly good pet food

With us, you'll only find recipes formulated by animal nutritionists that use the finest, traceable ingredients, starting with real meat. We make premium recipes with everything your fur baby needs and nothing they don't. Our wholesome formulas provide the ultimate fuel for a life of fun, powering up your pets with the right sort of nutrition to keep them wagging, purring and playing all life long.

The NOOD Philosophy

When you’re this good inside and out, it’s natural to be nude. We set out to create meat first recipes that are 100% traceable, without the price tag, so you know exactly what goes into into their happy dance-inducing meals.

We celebrate cats and dogs living their natural, authentic lives, and NOOD is the good that helps them stay that way, one bite at a time.

Today we've seen over 40 million bowls licked clean and counting! Premium pet food shouldn't be exclusive, so we always take less profit to make NOOD accessible to all pet owners, from all walks of life.

Let's get NOOD.  

Dinner laid bare

Here at NOOD, we lay it all out bare: what’s in our food, as well as what’s not in it. Our ingredients are 100% traceable, powering up your pets with the right sort of goodness to keep them wagging, purring and playing. Our recipes are packed full of ethically sourced meat, along with superfoods like blueberries and spinach, prebiotics and a range of vitamins and minerals. Our food contains real, recognisable ingredients that are all in there for a reason. There's nothing to hide: no junk, no nasties, no pesky fine print.

Traceable ingredients

We search far and wide to make sure our petfood contains nothing but the finest ingredients. So far and wide is where they come from. We’re talking all four corners of the globe - real meat from New Zealand, berries from the US, spinach from the UK – just to name a few. Want to see for yourself? Every pack of NOOD lets you scan a QR code to see exactly where the ingredients came from. Go on, give it a go.

Safety Tests Done Per