Here at NOOD we lay it all out bare: what’s in our food as well, as what’s not. With us, you’ll only find recipes formulated by animal nutritionists that use the finest, 100% traceable ingredients, starting with real meat. Our food contains real, recognisable ingredients that are all in there for a reason. Pet food with nothing to hide.

NOOD provides nutritious, premium recipes without the price tag. Our dry and wet food selection for cats and dogs will give your fur baby everything they need to thrive. And of course, our treats selection is a great choice for those special bonding moments in between meal times.

When you’re this good inside and out,  it’s natural to be nude. We celebrate cats and dogs living their natural, authentic lives, and NOOD is the good that helps them stay that way. 

Fast forward to today and we've seen over 40 million bowls licked clean and counting!

Premium pet food shouldn't be exclusive, so we always take less profit to make NOOD accessible to all pet owners, from all walks of life. 

Our NOOD philosophy means:

- 100% traceable ingredients: nothing to hide.
- Premium ingredients from trusted suppliers.
- Real, recognisable ingredients.
- Nutritionally complete: everything they need and nothing they don’t.
- Nutrient-dense for maximum digestibility.
- No nasties: no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

NOOD bags are resealable at the top to keep your four legged friends meals as fresh as can be! If you choose to not use NOOD bags and transfer the food into your own storage containers, we recommend keeping the kibble sealed in an airtight container or jar. Store NOOD in a cool and dry place.

No! We are proud to have never had any of our wet or dry food recalled.

We sure do, we've partnered with dozens of animal shelters, donating thousands of bags of food as well as bowls, balls and scoops and are always on the lookout for more ways we can give back. Know a place that could use our support? Let us know!

Our Food

We never use:
- Fillers
- Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
- Added sugar
- Wheat or soy

Our team goes the extra mile (literally) to source the best ingredients. Most ingredients are sourced within Europe, but in some cases we source further afield to guarantee supply and quality. You can trace back to source every ingredient of every product on each product page.

Our food is made in top quality factories around the world, to create the NOOD your pets know and love:

  • EU DRY FOOD – Netherlands 
  • EU WET FOOD – Poland 
  • ANZ DRY FOOD – Thailand  
  • ANZ WET FOOD – Thailand 
  • USA DRY FOOD – Poland

NOOD's quality approach is based on the HACCP method. Quality controls are put in place based on the risk analysis established for both raw materials, packaging and finished products. The resulting CCP (Critical control point) and PRPo (Operational prerequisite program) are identified and mastered.
The checks carried out during manufacture (humidity level, water activity, appearance, size, density, temperature and cooking of the kibbles) and during packaging (conformity of the kibbles, appearance and sealing of the bags, accuracy and legibility of the elements of traceability, palletization) are carried out at the start of each batch and at a frequency defined by the risk analysis. Metal detectors tested at start-up and every 2 hours are present on all packaging lines and the bags are subjected to metrological weighing. At the same time, there is an analytical control plan for finished products and raw materials. The analysis (microbiological, nutritional and contaminants) is carried out internally using a calibrated infralyser and by an external laboratory certified by COFRAC.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a sample or coupon program, however you can try our smaller sizes that are the perfect size to introduce your pet to NOOD.

We also run various giveaways through social media, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page or Instagram!


Usually the best habits are the hardest to start. Every pet is different, but in order to avoid an upset stomach we always recommend a slow transition to NOOD over 10 days to help their bodies adjust to the new ingredients. Simply add a small amount of NOOD to your pet’s previous food, gradually increasing the amount of NOOD and decreasing their previous food. Keep an eye on your pet's bathroom habits! It is common to see changes in colour or consistency as your pet's digestive system gets used to their new diet. Hold off on increasing NOOD into their mealtimes until their stools return to what you're used to.

Days 1-3 25% NOOD, 75% Old Brand.

Days 4-6 50% NOOD, 50% Old Brand.

Days 7-9 75% NOOD, 25% Old Brand.

Day 10 100% NOOD.

10 days and you're NOOD for life. Wow, too easy!

Both our wet and dry cat foods are nutritionally complete. The single biggest difference between the two is moisture, with our wet food having a much higher moisture content. Many people find dry food to be more convenient; however, if opting for our dry food, we always recommend to make sure your cat is drinking plenty of fresh water.

All of our formulas are designed for adult dogs and cats, however the recipes are suitable for puppies and kittens with general nutritional requirements. If your pet has any specific needs, consult your vet.

First time trying NOOD? We recommend slowly transitioning your pet over 10 days so they can adjust smoothly to their new diet. If you're feeding your pet dry food, you can try adding a small amount of warm water, bone broth, or wet food to their bowl. This will help create tasty aromas irresistible to your pet.

Every pet is different, so if you are still facing troubles, extend this period as you need or reach out to us – we’re here to help!

If your pet has previously eaten NOOD, reluctance to eat could be due to illness, In which case we recommend talking to a registered vet.


NOOD can be purchased at your local supermarket. Check out our store locator.

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